Policies: Promotional Materials

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Placement of posters shall be limited to designated areas only. Thumbtacks, not staples or tape, must be used to affix posters to campus bulletin boards. Signs may not be placed on interior or exterior walls, windows, outside doors, painted surfaces, or on glass doors. Posters or flyers may not be taped to sidewalks, light posts or telephone poles, and may not be placed on any vehicle on a public street or parking lot, per Eau Claire city ordinance. Posters will be removed due to the discretion of University staff if they do not abide by the Promotional Materials Policies.

Commercial enterprises or private agencies using UW-Eau Claire facilities on a rental basis are limited to one poster placed in Davies Center in addition to posters placed within their rented areas (selected locations only as dictated by rental agreement).

Campus publicity will promote the responsible use of alcohol when alcohol is part of the event and is referenced in the event promotion.

All posters displayed on campus must meet all eligibility requirements.

Due to the increase in available poster boards in Davies Center and the increase in poster demand, posters are limited to one posting, per event, per pillar or board.  Poster size may not exceed 11 × 17 inches, to be conscious of space for other postings within Davies Center.

Posting Locations

Community Members

Community event or "For Sale/Rent" posters/flyers can be displayed on the Community Events poster board in the Maple Lounge (Davies 103).  Posters do not need to be approved in advance; however, if a poster violates University standards, they may be removed by University staff.  Posters of excessive size or number will be removed, as will posters/flyers left on tables or newsstands.

University Centers

University Centers departments may approve their own posters and display them on the boards appropriately labeled within Davies Center. 

* Six posters are allowed in designated Davies locations.

Recognized Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations may display their own posters on the boards labeled "Student Organization Events" within Davies Center and "University Centers Events" in academic buildings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recognized student organizations MUST display "sponsored by" on all posters to include student organization name. Posters that do not display sponsorship information or any posters deemed inappropriate for display will be removed at the discretion of the Activities, Involvement and Leadership Office. Student organizations are responsible for distribution and removal of their own posters.

* Five posters are allowed in designated Davies locations: two on the first floor, two within the Student Organization Leadership Center on the second floor, and one near the Bookstore on the second floor.

University Departments

University departments may approve their own posters and display them on the boards labeled "University Events". This includes posters for events sponsored by units, offices or departments. Posters for activities sponsored by groups outside the University must have an endorsement of a University partner in order to be posted.

* Nine posters are allowed in designated Davies locations.

Approved Campus Posting Locations

  1. Davies Center - * Each constituency group listed above is designated a certain number of posters and locations.  Please refer to the above.
  2. Nursing Building - First floor, right hallway - 2 boards opposite room 123
  3. McIntyre Library - East Entrance near Campus Mall
  4. Schofield Hall - Next to LTS ( 2 boards - next to room 115 and room 156A) and room 146B
  5. Hibbard Hall - First floor entry (2); and next to the following rooms: 180; 206; opposite 312; 701
  6. Brewer Hall - Next to Continuing Ed (131E)
  7. Centennial Hall - Lobby area by Einstein's; and next to the following rooms: 1415; 1917; 2614; and opposite the following rooms: 2904; 3614; 4105
  8. Schneider Hall - At front entry by vending area; and next to the following rooms: 107; 203; 316; 442
  9. Phillips Hall - Main bulletin board, in area near mural on first floor; and next to room 333
  10. Haas Fine Arts Center - Across from Foster Art Gallery
  11. Human Sciences and Services - By room 176
  12. Residence Halls - Deliver to the Think Tank, Hilltop Center room 12 (basement): 1 per hall (15 posters), and 1 per RA (145 posters) - refer to Housing and Residence Life Posting policy for more information
  13. McPhee Center - Across from room 114, in hallway by back stairs
  14. Hilltop Center - Entrance facing Murray Hall and bottom of staircase leading up to Riverview Terrace

Map Promo Policy

Table Tents

W.R. Davies Student Center 

  • Student Organizations and Departments may create and place table tents on the tables in the dining areas of Davies.
    • Davies Marketplace Tables: 146 (29 booths, 27 high tops, 90 rounds).
      • This includes all 1st floor tables and booths between the US Bank Doors and the doors outside of Dulany.
    • Davies Blugold Living Room Tables: 51 (47 tables, 4 booths).
      • This includes all tables and booths in the carpeted living room area, as well as the short bistro's along walkway.
      • Does not include tables within the lounges on either side of Living room.
  • Tents can be reserved for a maximum of 14 days at a time.
  • The dates reserved must be printed on the table tents themselves.
  • No overlap in reservations (i.e. only one tent per day, unless UC team decides differently case by case).
  • No tents are allowed to be displayed in Davies hallways or on the 3rd floor.
  • Starting March 1st, 2023 Custodial will remove any tents in Davies that:
    • Do not have the dates printed on the tents.
    • Are not reserved with Event Services.

Hilltop Center

  • Student Organizations and Departments may create and place table tents on the tables in Hilltop.
  • Allowed three consecutive dates at one time.
    • Must print the approved dates on each table tent. If not printed, the table tents may be thrown away.
  • 125 table tents are the maximum you are allowed to display at one time.
  • Group/Organization is responsible for placing the Table Tents


All showcases in Davies Center must be reserved through the Event Services office, Davies Center 240. Reservations are based on a first-come, first-served basis and are reserved in one-week intervals that run from Sunday to Saturday. Only Event Services professional or student staff members are allowed to unlock the cases for groups' use.

All items must be removed from the showcases by 11 p.m. on Saturday and cases should be cleaned in preparation for other groups' use. Failure to remove items by the deadline will result in the appropriate disposal of the showcase's contents and a warning will be distributed to the showcase's sponsor. If a second infraction of failing to remove materials by the deadline occurs, the sponsor will not be allowed to reserve a showcase for the remainder of the semester.  

Shelving within the showcases is neither adjustable nor removable. Please be cautious of the shelving since it is glass and may not be able to support all items desired for display. Any damage to the showcases or shelving will be the responsibility of the reservation sponsor.

Staples or nails are not to be used within the cases, and tape of any kind is not allowed to be used on the glass doors or shelving. Thumbtacks or push pins are allowed to hang displays within the cases.

Showcase Locations

Level 1 of Davies Center

  • Showcase A - Maple Lounge (Davies 103) next to Printing Services

Level 2 of Davies Center

  • Showcase C - At the top of the Grand Staircase next to Activities, Involvement and Leadership (Davies 222)
  • Showcase D - Outside the textbook area, closest to The Cabin

Level 3 of Davies Center

  • Showcase G - In hallway near Centennial Room (Davies 320)
  • Showcase H - To right of Ojibwe A (Davies 330A)
  • Showcase J - To left of Ojibwe B (Davies 330B)

Digital Signage

The University Centers digital signage system in Davies Center displays event promotion created by recognized UW-Eau Claire student organizations, academic departments and administrative offices. Information on creating and submitting graphics can be found in the Digital Signage Policy article.

Outdoor Digital Signage

The University Centers outdoor digital signage displays outside the main entrances of the Davies Center for event promotion created by recognized UW-Eau Claire student organizations, academic departments, administrative offices and external partners. Information on creating and submitting graphics can be found in the Outdoor Digital Signage Policy article.

Lawn Signs

Signage on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus is regulated by Facilities. This policy specifically refers to the temporary placement of lawn signs. For additional information, view the Lawn Signs policy.


Chalking to advertise programs is permitted under these conditions: that washable sidewalk chalk is used (no paints or aerosol-propelled substances); that chalking is on horizontal surfaces only (not vertical surfaces such as stairs, buildings, or retaining walls); and that chalking is done in open, uncovered areas where the weather can remove the chalk naturally.

Chalking around residence halls is not allowed during the move-in process.


Questions or appeals concerning these policies should be directed to the Director of University Centers