Policies: Purchasing Management Review

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To create a documented process by which Purchase Orders created by delegated agents across campus will be reviewed by the Director of Purchasing to insure compliance with Department of Administration (DOA) procurement rules and regulations.


At least once per calendar year, the Procurement Director will audit Purchase Orders created by sub-delegated agents across campus and create an audit log of these audits.  Audit log will check for compliance of DOA procurement rules and regulations and log whether the Purchase Order was compliant or not.  For any Purchase Orders found not in compliance, the Purchasing Director will evaluate the root cause of the non-compliance and take corrective action as necessary. An annual report will be created after each audit and made available for review upon request.


3.1. Purchasing Director


4.1. DOA Procurement Manual; PRO-102: https://doa.wi.gov/ProcurementManual/Pages/PRO-102.aspx

4.2. Management Review Checklist; PUR-4002


5.1. Utilizing Perceptive Content, select Purchase Orders to be audited that were created in the previous six-month timeframe.

 • 5.1.1.     Qty 2 PO’s:  < $5,000

 • 5.1.2.     Qty 2 PO’s:  $5,000 - $50,000

 • 5.1.3.     Qty 2 PO’s:  > $50,000

5.2. Audit for DOA compliance of state purchasing rules and regulations.

5.3. Ensure proper Purchasing Authority was used and listed on the Purchase order.

5.4. Ensure proper quotes and back-up documentation is available for each Purchase Order.

5.5. Ensure proper signatures were obtained on the purchase requisition.

5.6. Ensure Purchase Order was signed by purchasing agent with proper sub-delegation.

5.7. Keep track of each audit using the Management Review Checklist (PUR-4002).

5.8. Evaluate root cause of any audit finding and take corrective action.

5.9. Create a summary report of each audit to be made available as requested.