Policies: Snow Removal

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Policies and Procedures 

The following policies and procedures ensure that snow and ice is removed from campus roadways, sidewalks and parking lots in a prioritized, timely manner. These policies shall be in effect annually, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week between November 1 and April 1.

The Grounds Maintenance division of Facilities will systematically remove snow when it reaches a depth of ½” on sidewalks and 1” in parking lots. As an exception and during “normal” business hours (7am - 6pm M-F), the hill road and sidewalk cleared whenever there is any accumulation. Icy conditions will be treated as necessary. These standards are to be consistently applied with the intention that snow will be cleared sufficiently to present safe conditions for the day’s activities on any day that the University is open. Holidays and evenings/weekends during Winter Break may present opportunities to relax these standards. In that event, the Grounds Supervisor will consult with the University Police.

The University Police Duty Officer of the Day shall advise, based on the above standards, when conditions exist for snow and ice removal on weekday evenings, nights (4pm - 6am), weekends and holidays. The officer will apprise the Grounds Supervisor of the conditions and special needs.

Based on consultation with the University Police and/or the Coordinator of Parking & Transportation Services, the Grounds Supervisor will determine the appropriate action, equipment, working hours and personnel to be utilized for snow and ice removal. The Grounds Snow Removal Routing Plan will be used to implement the snow removal process.

Snow Removal Priorities 

Snow removal equipment will be routed according to the following priorities. These priorities are to be reviewed and updated by the Grounds Supervisor annually and documented in the Snow Removal Routing Plan. Copies of the updated document will be forwarded to the Director of Parking and the Director of University Police before November 1. 


  • Emergency Vehicle access (roads on campus, starting with residence halls areas)
  • The “hill” roadway, sidewalks and steps
  • River footbridge and steps
  • Sidewalks along Garfield Avenue and other primary Campus walks
  • Academic building access (includes handicapped access, curb cuts, 


  • The remaining Campus sidewalks
  • Loading docks
  • Residence Hall Student Parking Lots


  • Putnam Drive and miscellaneous areas (fire hydrants, gates, bike racks, trash/recycling receptacles, etc.)

Continuous or back-to-back snowfalls may require restarting at the Immediate Priorities list even if the other areas have not been completed. 

When campus is officially closed and a major snowstorm occurs, only emergency vehicle access roads shall be cleared. (A major storm is here defined as: An accumulation of snow and/or ice that prohibits vehicles and foot traffic in the area).

Procedures for Removing Built-up Snow in Parking Areas

  1. The Coordinator of Parking & Transportation Services will consult with the Grounds Supervisor to determine when and how to clear specific parking areas where parked vehicles have prevented removal of snow and ice accumulation.
  2. Following the decision, a minimum of 48 hours will be allowed to notify owners of vehicles to move them to a specified location. Parking & Transportation will give notification using such tools as free standing signs, flyers, e-mail distribution lists or other social media.
  3. In commuter lots, snow may be removed from impacted areas between midnight and 7:00 a.m... Snow removal in resident hall parking lots may continue during the day.
  4. Residence hall and meter areas will be cleared primarily during winter and Spring Breaks or as deemed necessary.

Nighttime Parking 

Between November 1 and April 1, all University staff working the night shift and late night users of the Library, Haas Fine Arts Art Labs, Phillips Hall Science Labs and Computer Labs should attempt to group cars close together in parking lots to allow for efficient snow removal. Grounds Maintenance staff will alert Facilities building staff via two-way radio when a lot is going to be cleared. Parked cars should be relocated while snow removal equipment is working in the lot. 

Prohibited Parking

In order to keep Emergency Vehicle routes open, and to insure that snow and ice is removed in a safe and timely manner, the following policy is in effect November 15 through March 15 each year.

Parking is prohibited between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., seven days a week, in the meters in the following locations (regardless of weather conditions):

  • University Drive in front of Chancellors, Oakridge and Bridgman Halls
  • Garfield Avenue in front of Putnam and Thomas Halls
  • Towers Circle (only the 20 minute meters along Towers Hall)
  • Behind Hilltop Center
  • University Drive in front of Ade Olson

Tickets will be issued for violators of these prohibitions.