Policies: Wisconsin G.I. Bill

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Last updated Friday, Dec. 21, 2018

The Wisconsin GI Bill provides a waiver ("remission") of tuition and certain fees for eligible veterans and their dependents for up to 8 semesters or 128 credits, whichever is the greater of the two. This benefit can only be used at University of Wisconsin System schools or Wisconsin Technical College System institutions. The remission is provided to the qualifying unremarried surviving spouse and children of a veteran who died in the line of duty, and to the spouse and children of a veteran with a combined VA service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater. Children eligible for the Wisconsin G.I. Bill must be at least age 17 but less than age 26. An eligible veteran who was either a Wisconsin resident at the time of entry into service or an individual who has been a Wisconsin resident for at least 5 consecutive years immediately preceding the beginning of any semester or session for which they (or their dependents) register at a qualifying institution.  The recipient (veteran, spouse, child) must reside in Wisconsin and be a resident of Wisconsin for tuition purposes.

Please note that not all fees are waived (ie, textbook rental, United Council fee, certain study abroad programs, etc). Please check with the Veterans Benefits Office to determine which tuition/fees are not covered.

To remain eligible for the Wisconsin GI Bill, there is a requirement to maintain a 2.0 Cumulative GPA (https://www.wisconsin.edu/veterans/benefits/) or veterans@uwec.edu for questions.