Purchasing: Computer Peripherals and Other Technology

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Purchasing Computer Peripherals and Other Technology

Like other technology, Learning and Technology Services should be your first contact when making a computer peripheral purchase.  There are many considerations when purchasing computer peripherals that may impact your purchase (integration with other University technology, quality and performance issues, state mandatory contracts, etc.).  LTS can help you navigate those concerns and provide suggestions to help meet your needs.

Email: ltsconsulting@uwec.edu
Phone: (715) 831-1367
Below you’ll find information regarding common peripheral categories.  We’ve provided details for these items to assist you as quickly as possible.  That said, please feel free to contact LTS Consulting with questions about these or any other computer peripheral.

Product Categories

Keyboards and Mice – LTS will provide a basic keyboard and mouse which will work with your University Dell or Apple computer should a replacement be needed.  These items may not be new, but they will be clean and in good working order.  If there is a specific model of keyboard and mouse that you’d prefer, the purchase can be made using ShopUW+ or a procurement card.  Please refer to the How to Purchase section for more details.  

Cables/Adapters – If you need a cable or adapter to support University technology, please contact the LTS Help Desk (715-836-5711 or helpdesk@uwec.edu) to submit your request.  Often LTS will have items that meet your needs on-hand and can provide them at no charge.  There are some cables and adapters that LTS does not provide or may not be able to provide in bulk.  If that is the case, LTS Consulting can assist in purchasing the products you need.

Webcams – LTS recommends the purchase of the Logitech C925e Business Webcam.  LTS has had experience with this product and is confident in quality and cost effectiveness.  This item can be purchased through Shop@UW+.  Please refer to the ShopUW+ section for more details.

Audio Headsets/Computer Speakers – LTS recommends the purchase of the Poly Blackwire 3300 series headset (3320 Stereo or 3310 Mono) and Creative Pebble Computer Speakers (USB 2.0 or USB-C/Bluetooth).  Either of these items can be purchased through ShopUW+.  Please refer to the ShopUW+ section for more details.

AV Equipment – If you are interested in purchasing AV equipment, please contact LTS Consulting (715-831-1367 or ltsconsulting@uwec.edu).    Often there are University systems and standards that need to be considered when purchasing AV equipment.  In addition, all AV equipment must be purchased in compliance with the mandatory Wisconsin state contract related to AV equipment.

Non-Standard Computers and Tablets – If you’re interested in purchasing a computer or tablet with specifications that are not met by UWEC standard computer configurations, you must contact LTS Consulting for guidance in buying these products.  LTS can help you identify the products that will meet your needs and provide additional information that may impact your purchase (i.e.. navigating state procurement guidelines, software licensing requirements, IT security requirements, network infrastructure requirements).  This includes computers purchased alongside other equipment such as research instruments.  Computers and tablets purchased without LTS consultation may have limitations placed on their usage or may need to be returned.

All Other Technology – It’s always recommended that you work with LTS Consulting before purchasing technology.  Often there are factors that may impact what items can be purchased, how they are purchased, and how products interact with University equipment and infrastructure.   LTS will work with you to make sure that you have information to make a purchase that meets you needs and assist in the purchasing process.

How to Purchase

Below you’ll find several avenues to make purchases for computer peripherals and technology.  If the options below are not viable, LTS Consulting can assist in making the purchase.  Simply reach out with details on what you’d like to purchase and LTS work with you on the purchasing process.

  1. In your web browser, navigate to ShopUW+:  https://shopuwplus.wisc.edu
  2. Click on the ShopUW+ Login button in the upper right corner and use your University credentials to log in
  3. Click on the IT Supplies button in the Guided Buying section on the right
  4. Click on the B&H Photo button in the IT Suppliers section
  5. Search for the items you wish to buy and add them to your cart.  If you get an alert reading “Site Update Detected,” simply click the Remind me in 2 minutes button to proceed.
  6. Once you have all your items added, navigate to the My Cart button in the upper right corner of the page
  7. Transfer your cart to ShopUW+ by clicking the Punchout button in the lower right corner of the page
  8. You may be asked to enter a ZIP code before you’re able to select shipping options
  9. If you’re ready to make your purchase, use the Proceed to Checkout button in the upper right corner of page to complete your purchase. Otherwise, you can use the Assign Cart button send the purchase to another person for approval.

Suggested Products from B&H via ShowUW+ Punchout - 
  • Logitech C925e Webcam– B&H Part Number LOWCC925E
  • Logitech C920e Webcam - B&H Part Number LOC920EHD
  • Poly Blackwire 3320 USB Stereo Headset – B&H Part Number POC3220USBA
  • Poly Blackwire 3310 USB Mono Headset – B&H Part Number POBWC3210HS
  • Creative Pebble USB 2.0 Desktop Speakers:  B&H Part Number CRCP2UB
  • Creative Pebble USB-C/Bluetooth Desktop Speakers:  B&H Part Number CRSPV3CLI

Procurement Card:  Many computer peripheral orders can be placed on a procurement card and ordered from online vendors.  It’s always recommended that you contact LTS Consulting to consult with LTS staff prior to making a purchase.  Please be certain that you’re familiar with the guidelines in the Procurement Card Manual before making a purchase.  Tax exemptions are required for all procurement card purchases.

Bulk Orders:  If you are planning to order an item in bulk, please contact LTS Consulting with details of your purchase.  There are several state contracts and vendors that we may be able to leverage that will offer better pricing.