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The Change of Registration eform is for currently enrolled students, so they may file a change of registration for the following actions: add a course, drop a course, withdraw from a course, change the course grading basis, and/or change variable credit amount. Please note that this process can take time to complete to get the correct approvals, if eligible.

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Adding a Course

If the add deadline in CampS - Student Center has passed, submit this eform to add a course. Select Add a Course and complete the rest of the course information. 

Dropping a Course or All Courses

  1. You can drop a full-semester course from your schedule through the second week of classes in CampS without that course showing up on your record. Courses dropped after the drop deadline will result in a grade of W on the transcript.Find out how to drop a class in CampS. 

NOTE: This timeline is adjusted for course that are not a full semester long (i.e. summer or winterim courses), you can find withdraw periods for these in CampS. Find out how to find drop dates in CampS.

  1. If you would like to drop a class after the drop with no record deadline, you will need to fill out the Change of Registration Eform. In order to drop a course, select the Drop a Course option under Action Requested and fill out the course information. Add another row to drop more then one class. 

Dropping a Course:

Dropping ALL Courses:

This action exists on the eform only to guide students to the proper eform for dropping ALL courses. If this action is selected, please read the Issues to Consider by Action Requested. If you are thinking about withdrawing from the University (dropping all classes) you will find steps and the appropriate processes for that action here.

Changing the Course Grading Basis

In order to change the type of grading (i.e. letter grade, S/U grading option, or audit), please select the Change Grade Basis option under Action Requested and fill out the course information. Please see an example below:

Changing Variable Credit Amount

If you wish to change the grading or units option for a class after you have enrolled in it, you may do so through the MyBlugold CampS website until the last day to add passes. After that deadline, a change to variable credit must be submitted through the Change of Registration eform.

Change Variable Credits

How do I change credits in CampS before the add deadline?

Notes to Using this Eform:

Need special permission (pre-requisite override, closed course, department consent)?

Each academic department handles permissions for overriding into a closed (full) class, overriding class pre-requisites, and/or granting department or instructor consent. If you need these permissions, please contact the department before submitting this form.

For UW-EC Barron Country students, please contact the Solution Center first if you are in need of special course permission.

Changing sections of the same course?

List the current section as a DROP and the new section as an ADD.

Is there a time conflict between two courses that is preventing registration?

A Time Conflict eform should be used instead of this eform:

Do you need to make multiple changes in your schedule?

You are able to make up to 4 action changes per form. Please hit the Add Another Row to List Another Action (Limit to 4 Actions) button:


How long does it take to complete the form?

Once you hit the submit button on the form, it can take time to get the signatures for approvals. Please check View Forms in Process to know where your form is in the routing process.

Approval Required for Registration Changes

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Resuming a started and saved eForm?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your university username and password.
  3. Click the My Tasks tab to view any forms that require your input.
    NOTE: Must have clicked Save and Close for Later.
  4. Click the View Forms in Progress tab to view a form's progress that you initiated.

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