Registration: Degree Verification for China 1-2-1 Students

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China 1-2-1 students are working on a degree from their home University and UW-Eau Claire simultaneously.  After 2-3 years at UW-Eau Claire, they return to China for their final courses.

In China, all degrees are awarded in June. These students earn their UW-Eau Claire degree the following August. Occasionally one of these students will request verification that their UW-Eau Claire degree has been awarded before their degree has been conferred. Please provide them with the standard "candidate for graduation" verification.

Refer any further email requests or questions to Degree Review: Phone and in-person questions can be directed to Degree Review in Blugold Central -- 36-2280.

To verify that a student is in a China 1-2-1 program:

  1. Navigate to CampS.
  2. Click Campus Community.
  3. Click Personal Information.
  4. Click Identification.
  5. Click Citizenship.
  6. Click Visa Permit Data.
  7. Under the Issuing Authority area, it will display CHINA121.

    This page is also used by Admissions for other exchange “in” programs.