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You can view your grades in CampS. As soon as instructors have submitted grades they will appear in Grades in CampS.

If you have any questions about a specific grade for a course, you should talk to the instructor. If you have general questions about how grades are computed, or if you think there is an error on your record, you should contact the Student Records Specialist at Blugold Central.

More grading system information can be found in the university catalog.

FI - Failed Incomplete On Transfer

FI indicates a course that was transferred to UW-Eau Claire as an incomplete grade. The grade maintains an F value until the student satisfies the incomplete. It is subject to university repeat policies.

I - Incomplete Grade

An incomplete grade is used when you are unable to complete the coursework, either through fault or personal situation, and you are being given an extension by your instructor to complete the work by a specified date. It is used for exceptional circumstances only. Since incomplete grades can negatively affect your academic standing, they are not to be given without your knowledge or consent. Instructors should provide a default grade to take effect should the lapse period conclude without you completing the work. The standard default grade is F.

Lapse periods take place at the end of the tenth week of classes and at the end of the following semester for a graduate course. 

NA - Not Applicable

Not applicable is used as a placeholder for pending national or international coursework. It does not impact GPA and is used only for study abroad or National Student Exchange. Upon receipt of coursework from the foreign/exchange institution, UW-Eau Claire evaluates and posts the grades and courses as resident credit. The course remains with an NA to show that the semester was spent on exchange or study abroad.

NR - Not Reported

An NR means that the grade was not reported by the faculty member. It is non-punitive.

PR - Progress

PR is used when a graduate class's end date may vary by student or each student is on an individualized timeline for evaluation. The grade implies that the course is still in progress and the grade is non-punitive. It may be applied by faculty for specific course types including internships, scholarly projects, or research papers.

PR is also used as a placeholder for graduate courses to indicate graduation only. By doing this, the student is enrolled and can be charged the appropriate graduation fees for the term.

Q - No Academic Record

A Q grade may be granted instead of a W grade during the drop process only if it is approved by the associate dean. A Q grade indicates enrollment in a course for the purposes of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress. However, the course grade will not be reflected on the academic transcript as an official withdrawal with a W grade.

S - Satisfactory

The grade of S or U can only be given by the instructor if the course is only offered on the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading basis. Only letter grades of C or above convert to an S. This grade is not computed in the student's semester and resident GPA.

U - Unsatisfactory

Upon completing a course taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory or audit basis, a letter grade of C- or below converts to a U. This grade is not computed in the student's semester and resident GPA.

V - Audit

A V is given on an audit basis and it is indicated on your enrollment records at the time of registration. When a faculty member receives their confirmation of grade submissions, students who registered as an audit will have a V on their record.

UV - Unsatisfactory Audit

UV represents an unsatisfactory completion of a course taken on the audit basis.

W - Official Withdrawal

A W is issued when you complete an academic withdrawal from full-term classes during weeks two through ten. They are not issued by the instructor. A grade of W will not impact your GPA; however a W counts as an attempt for the repeat policy and financial aid purposes. You will still show as enrolled in a course even when a W is assigned. 

XF - Unofficial Withdrawal

Instructors are required to give an XF if you stopped attending or never attended a class. Instructors will be asked to enter "never attended" or a last date of attendance for students who did not complete the semester.