CampS: Registration Holds and To Do Lists (Students)

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A Hold or To Do List item on your academic record could prevent you from enrolling in classes or requesting a transcript. There are a number of holds you may see regularly, e.g., signing your PPA (see Common Holds for more information), but new requirements that you have not seen before sometimes come up.

CampS has your To Do List and also a list of your Holds. It explains the details of how to get them lifted. Simply check your Holds from the Tasks tile and make sure you take care of everything on the list prior to registration.


Common Holds

There are several common holds you will encounter, some of which need to be addressed every semester.

  • Advising Required -- Advisors will clear the hold once you have met to discuss your schedule for the upcoming term. 
  • Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) Not Signed--Students must read and electronically sign this agreement each semester. This agreement includes important information regarding the billing and payment process.

Checking and Lifting Your Holds

  1. From Camps, click on the Tasks tile.
  2. To get a more specific explanation and instructions on how to lift a Hold, click on that row. 



Checking Your To Do List

The To Do List is also located on the Tasks tile. It will display items needed by specific departments in order to complete an application or another similar process. Check your To Do List periodically, especially prior to registration and the beginning of a semester. Financial Aid in particular uses the To Do List extensively in notifying students of required actions and paperwork for applications.

  1. In CampS, click on the Tasks tile.
  2. Click on "To Do" from the navigation menu.
  3. To get a more specific explanation and instructions on how to address To Do List items, from the To Do Item column, click its name.
    The page refreshes to show information about the specific To Do List item.
  4. In the Description section, follow the instructions in order to address the To Do List item.

NOTE: It may take several days to process To Do List items. To be safe, you should address them at least a week before you register.

  1. Click Return.
  2. Repeat steps 2-5 until all of your To Do List items are addressed or lifted.