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If you are thinking about withdrawing from the University (dropping all classes), there are things to consider before making your final decision.

Class Weeks One through Twelve

If you are an undergraduate degree-seeking student, your first step is to speak with an advisor in the Advising, Retention, and Career Center, 2100 Vicki Lord Larson Hall, 715-836-3487,

If you are a graduate, post baccalaureate student, or special (non-degree seeking) student, you may withdraw here.

Class Weeks Thirteen through End of Term

All students: Beginning the thirteenth week, you are not allowed to withdraw from the University unless you are given special permission by the Associate Dean of your college.

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Withdrawal (Fall or Spring Semester)

If I drop all of my classes (withdraw from the University), will I still get grades?

If all of your classes are scheduled to meet the entire semester:

  • If you withdraw from all classes in the first two weeks (ten class days) of the semester, there will be no record on your transcript. 
  • Beginning in the third week, you will receive a W grade on your transcript, indicating that you were enrolled in the classes for more than two weeks, but that you withdrew from the course before the end of the semester.

If some or all of your courses meet for less than the entire semester, the deadline dates to drop courses without the grade of W, and to withdraw without special permission of the Associate Dean, are adjusted proportionately.

If I take classes later on, will the ‘W’ grades affect my grade point average?

No, a W has no effect on your GPA, but it could affect your eligibility to receive financial aid in the future. For more information, refer to Satisfactory Academic Progress in the Policies section of the Financial Aid website.

If I withdraw from all classes this semester, will I still need to pay my tuition and fees?

The amount of tuition and fees you may owe the University depends on the date you withdraw, the types of courses you are taking, and other circumstances specific to you. For Fall and Spring semesters, if you withdraw from the University (cancel registration) before the term begins, then there are no financial penalties. If you withdraw from all classes during the first week of classes, you will be given a full refund minus a $50 administrative fee. If you withdraw in Week Two, then you receive a full refund minus a $100 administrative fee. If you withdraw beyond Week 2, then you will be charged partial or full tuition, without a separate administrative withdrawal fee. In addition, you may also owe fees such as any unpaid orientation fee, placement test fee, senior processing fee, special course fees, room charges prorated by the day, and prorated meal plan charges.

Please refer to the Refund Schedule/Financial Aid Repayment Notice on the Business Office website for official refund/tuition information!

I got financial aid this semester; can I keep those funds or use them to pay my bills?

You may be required to repay some or all of your financial aid award, depending on the date you withdraw. If you withdraw before 60% of the semester has been completed you may owe a prorated amount of your financial aid. For example:

  • If you were enrolled for 20% of the semester before you withdrew, 80% of your federal financial aid must be returned;
  • If you stay through 50% of the semester, 50% of your aid must be returned. 
  • Once you complete at least 60% of the semester, however, you may keep 100% of the aid you received.

You may also face future consequences for financial aid:

  • If withdrawing has caused your GPA to fall below 2.0 and/or you have not successfully completed at least 67% of the credits you attempted, you will not meet the minimum standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress.  In that case, you may wish to send a letter of appeal to Blugold Central, describing your extenuating circumstances.
  • If you received a student loan and remain unenrolled for 6 months, you may be required to begin repaying your loan.

You may owe a balance to the University as a result of returning the financial aid funds.

  • Within 30 days of the date you withdraw, you will be notified by U.S. mail of any balance you must repay, and the deadline for payment.
  • Any refund owed to you will be released to you within 30 days of your withdrawal by U. S. mail, or direct deposit to your bank account, if you have that set up with the University.

Is there any way I can find out how much money I would owe if I decide to withdraw?  

Yes, you can contact Blugold Central in 1108 Vicki Lord Larson. You can call (715) 836-3000 or email at You will be directed to a staff member who can provide the information you need.

Returning to UW-Eau Claire

If I decide to return later, what do I do?

After taking some time away, we hope you will consider continuing your education at UW-Eau Claire.

  • If you return next semester, you may simply re-enroll. You will be assigned a registration date in October or March allowing you to register to take courses the following semester.
  • If you wish to return after two or more consecutive fall/spring semesters have passed, you will need to apply for re-entry at You will be able to update your original application.
  • Whether you decide to return to UW-Eau Claire in the future, or to continue your education elsewhere, remember to file your FAFSA if you need financial aid.

If I have to submit an application for re-entry, will I be charged another application fee?


What if I took some courses somewhere else while I was away?  

Be sure to list the school on the re-entry application, and have your official transcripts sent from that school to the UW-Eau Claire Admissions office.

What if I don’t remember how to register, or need help choosing classes?

The advisors in the Advising Retention and Career Center will be happy to help. You can visit them in Room 2100 Vicki Lord Larson, call (715)836-3487, or email