Student Forms: Request for Additional Test Time

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Extended Test Time Steps and Qualifications

Students who are non-native speakers of English (international or permanent resident/citizens) may request extended test-taking time (time and a half).

This accommodation applies to exams and does not apply to other forms of evaluation (papers, projects, group presentations) or to situations in which students must demonstrate clinical or similar skills.

Eligibility is determined by the Department of Languages and is good for one semester.

  • Student must be a non-native speaker of English
  • Request must be during student’s first two (2) semesters in academic courses
  • Cannot be used for ESL, LANG, or other courses in which the primary language of instruction is not English
  • Student must have submitted a TOEFL or equivalent score of less than 90

If any of these qualifications are not met, the request can be denied

Extended Test Time Approval Steps:
  1. Students must complete and submit this eform
    • (BP Logix: Start New Form: Request for Additional Test Time Student – Initiated)
  2. Deadline for submitting this form: 3 weeks before your exam
    • Deadline for submitting for a Winterim or Summer course: First day of class
  3. Once approved, you will receive an email notification for all approved courses
  4. Once you receive that email, talk with your instructor on their plans for the accommodated test – where will you take the exam?
  5. If your instructor chooses for you to take the exam at the Test Center (in the library), the student must submitanother eform
  6. This form will be completed and approved by your instructor and the Test Center
  7. Do not arrive at the Test Center in the Library before the second eform is approved
  8. Check in at the Test Center at your approved time and take your exam