CampS: Swapping Classes (Students)

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CampS offers an efficient option for dropping a class and replacing it with another. This is especially helpful in instances where you do not want to drop a class unless you are assured of being able to register in the replacement class. The process includes selecting the classes you wish to drop and add, confirming the selections, and viewing the results.

NOTE: For information on dropping classes after the second week of the semester, see the Records and Registration page. Changes after this date require a Change of Registration form and may have effects on your academic standing.

  1. From CampS, click on the Manage Classes tile. 
  2. In the Academics section, click Enroll.
  3. Click on Swap Classes from the navigation menu.
  4. If multiple terms appear, select the term you are editing.
  5. In the Swap This Class section, select the class you would like to drop using the pull-down menu.

  1. In the With This Class section, select a class with one of the following methods:
    • Using the Search for Class pull-down menu, select Class Search » click Search.
    • Using the Enter Class Nbr text box, type the desired 4 or 5 digit Class Number » click Search.
  2. When you have found the class you would like, click on that row to select the class and continue through the steps to Review Class Selection and Review Class Preferences
  3. Review the information on the Confirm Class Swap page.
  4. Click Submit and then click Yes to confirm the submit. The selected courses are swapped in the edited term, and the View Results page appears.

NOTE: In the Status section if a checkmark Checkmark appears, you are either enrolled or placed on the waitlist. Read the message to determine your enrollment status and/or view your waitlist position. If an Xappears, you were not able to be successfully enrolled into the class. Read the error message for details. For example, you may need the instructor's consent or to clear a hold. 

  1. Check your schedule to make sure that it reflects your changes. This is an important step to make sure that your schedule is accurate and that the classes you wanted to swap have been swapped.

Receiving an error message? The issue is likely that the two classes do not have the same start/end dates in CampS (sessions always start on Monday of that week, regardless of the class meeting pattern). In these situations, you need to process a drop and then Add the new class to your schedule. If the dates match, and you still receive an error, please reach out to Blugold Central for assistance in troubleshooting.