Training: Saving a iMovie Project to the Project Drive

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Table of Contents: 

Creating a P-Drive

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Set up Personal Folder

Saving the project to the P-Drive

  1. Navigate to the UWEC website
  2. In the top right-hand side search for Mapping Network Drives
  3. Click on the article Network: Network Drives Overview
  4. Under the Network Drive Address sub heading copy and paste the Projects Drive (P:) Mac link
    1. smb://
  5. Return to  your desktop (close the web browser and click on the desktop)
  6. Click Go on the top of your screen
  7. Click Connect to Server…
  8. Paste the link from above into the Sever Address text box
  9. Click Connect
  10. In the top right-hand side of your screen click on the magnifying glass
  11. Search for iMovie Library
  12. Click and drag the iMovie Library to your desktop
  13. Open Finder in the lower left-hand side of your screen
  14. Click and drag your iMovie Library into your P-Drive (you P-Drive will be labeled with your username)
  15. It make take a bit of time to save this depending on how large the iMovie file is

Opening the project from the P-Drive

  1. Open your P-Drive with the steps 1-9
  2. Navigate to your P-Drive
  3. Drag your iMovie Library to the desktop
    1. This may take time depending on how large the file is
  4. Double click to open the project