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UW-Eau Claire's Transfer Credit Wizard is a handy tool for transfer students. If you plan to transfer colleges, you can find classes at your current college and see if they will transfer to UW-Eau Claire. If so, the Transfer Credit Wizard will specify the transfer equivalent for that course.

To access the Transfer Credit Wizard in MyBlugold CampS:

  1. Select the Miscellaneous tile.
  2. Select Transfer Credit Wizard


Searching for an Institution

  1. Choose a country from the pull-down menu.
  2.  Choose a state and click Search. This will list all of the institutions in that state. Or, type the name of the institution in the College/University search box and click Search.Choose a state and click Search
    NOTE: Abbreviations will not be accepted (i.e. for CVTC, type "Chippewa Valley Technical College"). However, you can type in a portion of the name to view results (i.e. "southwest" brings up all institutions that include "southwest" in their title). 
  3. The schools that match your search criteria appear. Select the school from the list or click Start Over.

Search by Course Number and/or Course Subject

  1. In the Subject and Course Number search box you may type in:
    • A course subject and number (i.e. Engl 408) to display only one result.
    • A subject (i.e. Engl) to display all courses that fall into that subject.
    • A course number (i.e. 408) to display courses in any subject that have that number.
      NOTES: Some technical schools use course numbers only to identify courses (i.e. 809198 Intro to Psyc at CVTC is only listed as 809198 with no course subject). UW-Eau Claire only uses the last 6 digits of the course number for technical colleges; sometimes students unnecessarily list 10 or 20 digits.
      Institutions abbreviate course subjects differently (i.e. UW-Colleges use MAT for math, while other institutions may abbreviate this differently).
  2. Click Search to continue. From this page, you can start the process over or choose a different institution.Click Search

Course Equivalency List

When viewing the course equivalency list, the left side lists the institution's course and the right side lists UW-Eau Claire's equivalent course.

If you searched for an entire subject, you will see all the courses offered in that subject and the UW-Eau Claire transfer equivalent.

  • Some courses may transfer as more than one equivalency to UW-Eau Claire. Some courses require you to take a sequence of two courses to receive credit for one equivalent course at UW-Eau Claire. These unique course situations are typically listed as groups at the bottom of the subject list.
  • Courses may not be in numerical order.

NOTE: If you are looking at a very large list of courses, it may be difficult to find the course you are looking for. To simplify this process, press [Ctrl + F] (Find) on your keyboard. A bar will appear at the top of the screen. Type the course number in the search box next to the word Find.

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