UDOIT Cloud Course Accessibility Checker

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UDOIT Cloud Course Accessibility Checker 

UDOIT (Universal Design Online Inspection Tool) is a Canvas course accessibility checker to guide you in editing and remedying technical accessibility concerns in your course. UDOIT scans course content, identifies accessibility issues, and helps guide you through making the changes needed using Universal Design principles. Originally created by the University of Central Florida, the tool identifies 20+ prominent accessibility concerns and walks instructors through making those changes. 

UDOIT focuses on text, images and formatting within a Canvas course like pages, assignments, discussions, etc. UDOIT Cloud does not (yet) scan files and documents for accessibility issues. The tool includes a “Review Files” area that will list all documents in a course and allow you to track if they have been reviewed for accessibility. 

Getting Started 

  1. Log into Canvas and access your course from the Dashboard. 
  2. Click Course accessibility checker (UDOIT) in the course navigation menu on the left. 
    NOTE: Only users with a Teacher or Administrator role see this link. If you cannot see the link complete the steps below:
    1. Click the Settings button and click Navigation along the top
    2. Scroll to the bottom, click the three dots next to UDOIT, and click Enable. 
    3. Scroll down and click Save.
  3. Click Authorize if prompted with "Cidi Labs UDOIT Cloud requests access to your account."
  4. UDOIT automatically scans your course (which may take a minute or two) and lists errors, suggestions, and ways to get started. 

Additional Resources 

Use the following resources to guide you through using the UDOIT Cloud Course Accessibility Checker. 

UDOIT Cloud Course Accessibility Checker