University Accounting: Signature Authority Lookup by DeptID

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  1. Navigate to CampS.
  2. Login using your university username and password.
  3. Click Main Menu > UW-Eau Claire > University Accounting > Funding Administration.funding administration
  4. Type the fiscal year (e.g., 2014) into the Fiscal Year field.
  5. Type the department ID into the DeptID field.
  6. Click Search.
    search criteria
  7. Scroll down to the Funding Managers list.
    NOTE: These are the individuals with signature authority for the specific DeptID. When processing transfers, the University Accounting office verifies the signature matches the name of the individuals with signature authority for the account that is increasing expense, decreasing revenue or decreasing budget.
    funding manager
  8. To search another DeptID, click Return to Search.
  9. Clear the DeptIDFund Code, and Program Code fields.
    NOTE: If you click the Clear button, you will need to include the fiscal year and make sure the SetID field shows UWEAU or you will get an error.
    error message
  10. Type the new DeptID in the DeptID field.
  11. Click Search.