University Accounting: Signature Authority Lookup by Manager

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  1. Navigate to the CampS.
  2. Log in using your university username and password.
  3. Click Main Menu > UW-Eau Claire > Queries > Funding Manager Lookup.funding manager lookup
  4. Type the fiscal year (e.g., 2014) into the Fiscal Year field.
  5. Click the magnifying glass.
    A search window will appear.
  6. Click Advanced Lookup to search for managers by name.
    advanced lookup
  7. Type in the appropriate search information (e.g., first few letters of the last name and first letter of the first name).
  8. Click the Look Up button.
    Click Look Up
  9. Select the appropriate individual from the search results list.
    The ID field on the main lookup screen will fill.
  10. Click View Results.
    view results
  11. To download the results, click Excel SpreadSheet or CSV Text File.
    NOTE: XML File downloads are not as user-friendly with results.
    WARNING: The individuals with signature authority on an account are constantly updated with changes in personnel or responsibilities. Please verify the individual still has signature authority for an account as you prepare any transfer forms to eliminate the need for University Accounting to contact you for an updated signature.
  12. To search another manager, click Funding Manager Lookup and repeat steps 3-12.
    funding manager lookup