UWEC 310.A, Purchasing Food

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Procedure #: UWEC 310.A


This procedure includes steps for ordering food both on- and off-campus, including with meal vouchers. This procedure supports practice directive UWEC 310, Food Purchases.


This procedure applies to University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire departments who wish to include food, beverage, snacks, and refreshments at their event or meeting.


Meal voucher: a coupon like item that allows a student and their guest(s) to get food from campus when a prearranged meal was not provided; only allowed in certain instances at approved Sodexo locations


  • Ordering from Sodexo
  • Ordering from an off-campus vendor
  • Meal Voucher for on-campus recruitment/orientation

Ordering from Sodexo

StepAction1.Contact Sodexo to order food items required for the event2.48 hours prior to the event, contact Sodexo again for count variations3.Once the event is completed, you will receive an email with the subject line "Food Service Requisition", along with a link to the e-form. Note: Sodexo's invoice and their supporting documentation will be attached.)4.Review the invoice for accuracy. If there is a concern with the invoice, note the concern in the comment box and click on the "return to Sodexo" button.5.Complete the Food Service Requisition eform when the corrected invoice is received. This is a required form. The Invoice will not be processed until the appropriate questions on the form have been answered.6.Based on the type of event, include the necessary information on the Food Service Requisition as back-up documentation when returning/submitting the form to Accounts Payable for payment.7.Accounts Payable will review the eform and may request additional information8.Accounts Payable will approve the eform and submit payment through ShopUW+
Payment will be sent to the supplier (Sodexo)

Ordering from an off-campus vendor

StepAction1.If the total is more than $250.00 and you are consuming the food on campus, you must apply for a food waiver from Sodexo. The waiver is available here.2.Meal maximums apply and the maximum includes tip. Example: $18.00 for lunch means $15 per person if you are tipping 20%. ($15 X 20% = $18). Tipping is limited to 20%.3.Make sure to use the tax-exempt number as we are tax-exempt.4.Payment options for this method
  • See if the vendor will bill UWEC. You could then submit an invoice for direct pay. Make sure to attach documentation required.
  • Use either a Corporate card, personal card, cash, or check and submit an E-Reimbursement request. Make sure to attach the receipt and documentation required.

Meal voucher for on-campus recruitment/orientation

Meal vouchers may be utilized in the on-campus recruitment activities for Athletics and on campus recruitment/orientation activities for Enrollment Management. These vouchers must remain within the allowable meal amounts.

StepAction1.Contact Blugold Dining for vouchers2.Hand meal vouchers out to participants3.Participants are to include their name(s) on the voucher before they use them4.Participants, if they have guests, should include the guest name or “plus x guest(s)”5.Participants turn in meal voucher when they get their food6.Sodexo collects vouchers and fills out a Food Service Requisition eform7.The Food Service Requisition eform will route to department8.Department is to add any additional information including list of participants
Department approves and forwards to Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable audits/reviews the eform and sends payment to Sodexo


Practice Directive UWEC 310, Food Purchases

UWEC eForms

Blugold Dining Food Waiver Request Application

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