Campus Interior Finishes and Furnishings

Last Updated

University Policy 710
Original Issuance Date: February 13, 2024

1. Policy Purpose

To comply with state purchasing guidelines, in addition to standardizing finishes and furniture purchases to create a unified look across campus. Coordinating finishes and furniture across campus allows for further branding and greater reuse, aligning with our goal of attracting and retaining students. To ensure fundamental standards and requirements are being met through support and collaboration with Facilities.

2. Responsible University Officer

Associate Director of Facilities and Deputy Chief Facilities Officer

3. Scope and Responsibilities

This policy applies to all spaces including classrooms, offices, and general-public areas/spaces of all campus residence halls, academic, administrative, centers and service buildings.

4. Background

UW-Eau Claire desires to ensure that all classrooms, offices, and general-public spaces are design appropriate, safe, accessible, sustainable, well-maintained, durable, support performance and life cycle expectations, service/maintenance needs, and are compliant with Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) and University of Wisconsin System contracts, and Wisconsin Division of Facilities Development and Management (DFDM).

5. Definitions

Accessible: Meets accessibility guidelines where appropriate and required.

Design Appropriate: Is of appropriate design, style and function for primary intended users and space.

General-Public Areas/Spaces: Reservable and non-reservable spaces and exit passageways where the general-public is permitted without authorization, appointment and/or specific need for services by a department or business. General-public areas/spaces include but is not limited to collaboration/lounge spaces, building lobbies, toilet rooms, vestibules, corridors, and stairwells.

Furniture: Freestanding objects such as tables, chairs, beds, desks, dressers, and cupboards.

Interior Finish: Any product applied to walls, floors, and ceilings of a space including paint and carpet. 

Safe: Supports life safety needs and requirements and is free from risk of injury with intended and expected use.
Wall Treatment: Any substance adhered to the wall including vinyl designs/murals and acoustic or art tiles.

6. Policy Statement

A. Interior Finish and Furnishing Modifications

All requests to modify a space must be reviewed and approved by Facilities prior to any modifications. Interior finish updates, wall treatment additions, and furniture purchases should be made to best utilize campus funds and to consider sustainability, durability, and mandatory purchasing contracts.

Requests must be submitted to Facilities using the following forms:

Facilities staff will contact the Project Owner to clarify needs and to schedule a meeting to assist with determining space change needs. The scope and preliminary budget will be reviewed with the requester to determine if budget allows for the requested update(s). Alternative solutions will be presented when available to best match campus standards and sustainability guidelines.

Requests for estimates will be vetted against campus standards. Facilities will work with staff to find a solution that meets the needs but also aligns with campus standards and purchasing guidelines.

Departments will review solutions to design requests, approve designs and provide funding string to create a work order or PO.

7. Related Documents

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8. Policy History

First approved: February 13, 2024

9. Scheduled Review

February 2029