UWEC 860, Outdoor Digital Signage

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Practice Directive #UWEC 860DivisionFinance and AdministrationDepartmentUniversity CentersContactDirector of University Centers | eventservices@uwec.eduEffective DateSeptember 1, 2023Revision DateSeptember 1, 2024


State of Wisconsin | UWS 18.07 (7), Structures.; UWS 18.08 (9), Postings and signage.

UW System | SYS 342, Extramural Support Administration


The objective of this practice directive and related procedure is to create a unified and visually appealing communication platform that effectively conveys information, fosters engagement, and enhances campus-wide awareness.


Outdoor digital signage offers invaluable opportunities for effective communication and engagement. Dynamic displays can enhance campus-wide communication by providing real-time updates and information, ensuring students, faculty, staff, and visitors stay informed about important announcements, events, and safety protocols. Furthermore, the interactive nature of digital signage fosters a sense of community involvement, reinforcing UW-Eau Claire's commitment to transparent and accessible communication.


UWEC 860.A, Outdoor Digital Signage Guidelines