Video Creation Tool Comparison Chart

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Just as important as it is to determine the type of video you are creating, it is vitally important to understand the tools and programs available to help with the video-making process.  Below is a chart you can use to determine which program to use when making a video.  Each of these programs is supported by CETL/LTS, so if you have any questions on what to use and when to use it, please reach out to or place an LTS ticket at  

ToolRecording OptionsOperating System(s)Export FormatsCloud CompatibilityLength Of VideoEditingAccessibility FeaturesSupportNotable LimitationsKaltura Capture

Maximum of 3 Inputs from the following:  

Audio, Desktop Recording, Webcam 

Versatile recording options (such as multiple screens or cameras can be recorded)  

Single take recording with ability to pause 

Desktop App: Mac and PC 


Mobile App  

Link, MP4, Embed in Canvas  

Stored in MyMedia and integrated within Canvas 

Unlimited, recommend between 1-20 minutes Clip, Crop, Add Chapters  

Automatically machine captioned 

Captions can be edited using an editor built into My Media 

LTS Help Desk, Knowledge Base articles, UWSA Help Desk 

Doesn’t work on Chromebooks 

Cannot embed in PowerPoints 

Voice over PowerPoint Audio only Desktop App: Mac and PC PowerPoint file, MP4  


Integrates with Canvas (see notable limitations)  

MP4 can be uploaded to Canvas>MyMedia 

50 – 100 MB 

Re-record slide-by-slide 

Edit timing 

Alt tags can be added to images (if left as a PPT file) 

Subtitles can be turned on while in presentation mode (when presenting live)  

LTS Training; LTS Help Desk 

365 desktop version is necessary for all functions to work properly on a Mac 

Browser 365 App doesn’t allow for recording, you have to be on the desktop app 

File sizes over 25 MB cannot be embedded into Canvas 

Subtitles will not be 100% accurate when turned on in presentation mode 

Zoom Audio, Webcam, Desktop 

Desktop App: Mac and PC 

Mobile App  

Chromebooks can only access Zoom by browser application 

Link, MP4 

Stored in Zoom Cloud 

Save to Desktop 

Unlimited Trimming of beginning and end of video  

Closed Captioning 

Captions can be edited in SRT file or through media viewer 

LTS Help Desk 

You need to set up a meeting to record.  

Recordings are deleted after 180 days if saved to Zoom Cloud 

Log in at activate your account  

Canvas Recorder (RCE)  Audio, Webcam Browser (Chrome preferred)  MP4 Stored in Canvas user files  1-3 minutes; can record longer videos but rendering process can be long None None 

Canvas Support 

LTS Help Desk 

Mac users must make sure the system preferences allow for recording through Chrome.  

Canvas Student app allows for recording but saves the recording as an MP4/.MOV attachment. No preview is available.   

Workaround needed to download video created.  

No sharing option outside of Canvas.