Blugold Seminar: Writing Program Portfolio Option eForm Help

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  1. Navigate to the University Writing Program Portfolio eForm.
  2. Login with your university username and password.
  3. All your information should be automatically entered except for your college and major. If you do not know your college or major, you can leave them blank.
    Student Information
  4. Add your advisor by clicking the Ellipsesbutton.
    Select your advisor and click OK.
    NOTE:  If your advisor is not on the opening page, you can search for their last name in the search bar at the top. 
    Select an advisor
  5. If you are a transfer student or you scored a 3 on an AP English Language/Literature and Composition test or a 4 on the IB English test, click the corresponding radio button. Otherwise, click the Not Applicable radio button.
    NOTE:  If you scored a 4 or 5 on an AP English Language/Literature and Composition test or a 5 or above on the IB English test, you have fulfilled the University Writing Requirement.
    AP and Transfer Students
  6. The questionnaire section that follows is the same as the self-survey tool. Click all the options that apply to you.
  7. Agree to both the Intellectual Property Agreement and the WRIT Deferment Agreement.
  8. Upload your documents for each of the four fields.
    NOTE: If your Writer's Choice project is not a MS Word, MS PowerPoint or PDF document, you need to upload it to the internet and give the URL of the project.
    Writer's Choice
  9. Please let us know if you give us permission to use parts of your portfolio for future sample portfolios. If so, click Yes. Otherwise, click No.
  10. Once you submit the eForm, you need to mail the $75 portfolio fee to the Cashier's Office along with this payment submission form,which includes the Cashier's Office mailing address.