Athena CE Programs: Adding a Program

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  1. Log in to Athena
  2. Select CE Programs from the navigation menu.

    NOTE: If you do not see this option in the menu, you do not have permissions to this area. Contact the Help Desk if you think you should have access but do not.

    ce programs
  3. Click Add Program at the top.
    add program
  4. Add a title for the program.
    NOTES: If applicable, prepend the series name to the program title, using a colon to separate the two (e.g. "Supervisory Management: Leading Intentional Customer Service"). Use "and" instead of "&" (e.g. "Ethics and Boundaries" instead of "Ethics & Boundaries").
    If you copy the title from another document, make sure to remove any copy formatting that might exist or retype the title directly into Athena.
  5. Select a program type.
    NOTE:  This selection will determine specific fields in following steps. 
  6. Select a program manager.
  7. Click Create Program.
    create program
  8. Proceed to the Content tab.

For in-depth instructions on each section of a program:

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