Athena CE Programs: Editing a Program: Content Tab

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  1. Enter a short description (max 255 characters) and meta description (max 160 characters) for the program.
    NOTE: These should be benefits- and outcomes-oriented and sufficiently compelling.
  2. Add program content. This can include headings, supplemental images, lists, links, accordions, and other basic formatting.
    NOTES: Introduction copy should be one to three sentences followed by features/benefits of the program—this could take the form of a "You'll learn how to:" list —and should be concluded with other details like program certifications, special qualities of instructors or curriculum, structure of the program or certificate, etc. Program content should not include contact information, pricing information, cancellation policies, etc. Within the content field, do not hard return within the copy. If you want to emphasize (bold) copy, choose Heading 4 formatting.
  3. Enter people in the Who Should Attend section.
    NOTE: List should be limited to top five to ten items, each being separated with a comma. 
  4. (Optional) Select or upload a new featured image.
    NOTE: Be sure to check the "CE Programs" crop tab. For help adding a new image, see Adding an Image, Editing Image Properties, and Cropping an Image.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Proceed to the Info tab.

For in-depth instructions on each section of a program:

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