Athena CE Programs: Adding an Instructor

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  1. Log in to Athena
  2. Select CE Programs from the navigation menu.
    ce programs
  3. Select Instructors from the sub-navigation menu.
  4. Click Add Instructor at the top.
    add instructor
  5. Add the instructor's name.
    nameNOTE: Use the instructor's first and last name (e.g. Harvey Schofield). If prefixes or suffixes are needed, use appropriate abbreviations (e.g. Dr. Harvey Schofield). For more information, see UW-Eau Claire's Editorial Style Guide.
  6. (Optional) Add a bio. This should be concise and cannot include URLs.
  7. (Optional) Select or upload a new image.
    NOTE: Be sure to check the "CE Programs" crop tab. For help adding a new image, see Adding an Image, Editing Image Properties, and Cropping an Image.
  8. Click Create Instructor.
    create instructor

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