Athena CE Programs: Adding CEU Info

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  1. Select CE Programs from the navigation menu.
    ce programs
  2. Select CEU Info from the sub-navigation menu.
    ceu info
  3. Click Add CEU Info at the top.
    add ceu info
  4. Add a name for this CEU Info. This is not publicly visible.
    ceu name
  5. (Optional) Add a URL. This is used to link to other policies regarding credits and CEU info elsewhere on the site.
  6. Add a statement. This should include variables to calculate the Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Use <#CHxNNN#> to calculate the CEUs based on the number of Contact Hours a given program has been assigned (e.g. <#CHx.10#>). Use <#CH#> to insert the Contact Hours from a given program.
    NOTE: Be sure to check the "CE Programs" crop tab. See Adding Editing a Program: Content Tab for instructions on adding Contact Hours to a program.
  7. (Optional) Select or upload a new image.
    NOTE: Be sure to check the "CE Programs" crop tab. For help adding a new image, see Adding an Image, Editing Image Properties, and Cropping an Image. Affiliation or accreditation logos should be included in the specific program's content area.
  8. Click Create CEU Info.
    create ceu info