Athena CE Programs: Adding Venues

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  1. Log in to Athena
  2. Select CE Programs from the navigation menu.
    ce programs
  3. Select Venues from the sub-navigation menu.
  4. Click Add Venue at the top.
    add venue
  5. Add a useful name for the venue. This will show in Athena systems’ search results and will be displayed publicly in certain cases.
    NOTE: For locations with multiple sub-locations (i.e. campus buildings), use a colon to separate the two (e.g. UW-Eau Claire Campus: Hibbard Hall).
    venue name
  6. Fill in the Address, Address 2 (where applicable), City, State, and Zip fields. For example:
    NOTE: Avoid abbreviations in addresses (e.g. Avenue instead of Ave., etc.).
  7. Fill in the Phone field. Athena will automatically add proper formatting to the phone number. For example, Athena would reformat "7158364636" to "(715) 836-4636".
  8. Fill in the URL field. Athena will not alter the URL entered, so be sure it contains the appropriate protocol (http://, https://, ftp://, etc.). (e.g.
    NOTE: Generally, this should link to the venue's homepage.
  9. Fill in the Map Latitude and Map Longitude fields. This data will be important when using map visualizations and way-finding for visitors.
    NOTE: Learn how to find the coordinates of a place using Google Maps.
  10. Select whether the venue is on-campus or off using the On Campus field.
  11. (Optional) Select or upload a new image.
    NOTE: For help adding a new image, see Adding anImage, EditingImage Properties, and Cropping an Image
  12. Click Create Venue.
    create venue

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