Athena CE Programs: Editing a Program: Dates Tab

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  1. Click Add Date to start adding dates for the program.
    NOTE: Program registration URLs are added per date, not per program; to edit other registration information for a program, see Editing a Program: Registration Tab.

    add date
  2. Select the appropriate venue.
    NOTE: See Adding a Venue for instructions on adding new venue options. 

    new program date
  3. Enter a room.
  4. Enter the appropriate event code.
  5. Set the start date and end date for this program date using the calendar picker tool.
  6. Set the start time and end time for this program date.
    NOTE: Times should be entered as CST using 24-hour format (e.g. 11:15:00 for 11:15 AM or 14:15:00 for 2:15 PM).
  7. Select the appropriate registration mode.
  8. Enter the registration URL for this specific program date.
  9. (Optional) Set the early deadline date using the calendar picker tool.
  10. Set the registration cutoff date. Once this date occurs, registration for this program date will be turned off; registration options for the next program date will be displayed on the program page, or if no other dates for this program exist a prospecting form will be displayed.
  11. (Optional) Add a meeting schedule.
     This would be used to indicate specific nights or times within the program date range, or may be used to indicate exceptions to normal program meeting times. If a program is two or more days, utilize the Meeting Schedule field to provide a detailed schedule outlining times broken down by day. Begin with "This class meets", using "from" and "to" to indicate timeframe (e.g. "This class meets Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.").
  12. Click Create Program Date.
  13. Proceed to the Testimonials tab.