Athena Videos: Adding a Video

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NOTE: If you do not see this option in the menu, you do not have permissions to this area. Contact the Help Desk if you think you should have access but do not.

NOTE: If you are looking to activate or deactivate an already created item click here

This article is for adding a new video within the Video app in Athena.

  1. Select Videos from the navigation menu.

    Select Videos
  2. Click Add Video.
    Click Add Video
  3. Add the Video URL.
    NOTE: Supported video streaming platforms are YouTube and Vimeo. Athena Videos does not host videos but rather organizes and categorizes select videos hosted on other platforms and makes them available for use within Athena. If you need help uploading a video to one of the supported platforms, see YouTube or Vimeo for help.
    Add the Video URL
  4. Click Create Video.
  5. Proceed to Editing a Video.