Kaltura: Interactive Video Quizzing

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Interactive video quizzing allows you to add questions that pause a Kaltura video and require viewers to click on the screen and answer a question or acknowledge information to continue. Question types include true/false, multiple choice, short answer (called "open question"), and reflection point (the video stops with text students must acknowledge which could be used to emphasize important points). 

These video quizzes can be used summatively by adding them to a Canvas assignment which records their score. They can also be used formatively by adding them into a page for practice or quick knowledge checks. If they are added to a page, scores will not be recorded in the gradebook. 

If a Kaltura video quiz is being used in a Canvas assignment and the grade passback is not functioning correctly for one or more students, most likely there are settings on the student's device that need adjusting. Refer to the Troubleshooting In-Video Quiz Submission Issues article for additional solutions.

Create an Interactive Video Quiz

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Click Account in the global navigation on the left

    Click Account
  3. Select My Media

    Select My Media
  4. Click Add New on the top right. 
  5. Select Video Quiz (the bottom option)
    Select Video Quiz
  6. If you have not uploaded the video, you will have to upload to the My Media repository first. If you have uploaded it, navigate to the correct video and click Select to the right of it. 
  7. To add questions, play the video and click pause at the time you'd like the question to appear (shown in the gif below).
  8. Choose the appropriate question type, then click it to start typing the question (shown in the gif below).
    Choose question type
    TIP: The top option is always the correct answer, so don't forget to drag the options around to switch the order.
  9. Continue adding questions as appropriate.
    WARNING: Questions must be a second or two apart; although you are able to add multiple questions sequentially, students will only see the last one. Be sure to pause in your presentation to avoid having content disrupted.  
  10. When done, click the eye icon on the bottom right of the video to preview the questions. They will not show up in edit mode. 
  11. Verify and/or customize the settings for your quiz under Details, Scores, and Experience to the left of the preview window.
    Details: By default, students see a welcome page that says "In this video, you will be given a Quiz. Good Luck!" You can remove the welcome page and/or change the welcome message if you would like. In addition, you can choose whether to allow students to download the questions list and include instructions or not.
    Scores: Choose to allow multiple attempts, show scores or not, and include answers or not.
    Experience: Choose whether students can change their answers, skip questions, and/or seek forward. Important setting: checking the box for "No seeking forward" means students cannot skip ahead to just answer the questions without watching the video. It is unchecked by default. You can also change the message students see when they try to skip ahead if you would like. 
  12. Click Done on the top right when all questions are added and settings are adjusted to your preferences. 
  13. There are two ways to share the video:
    1. Embed it into a page, as you would any other Kaltura video.
    2. Embed it into a Canvas assignment (UW System KnowledgeBase article), which integrates with grades and records a score. To help troubleshoot with the Canvas gradebook integration, please refer to the Troubleshooting In-Video Quiz guide

View Video Quiz Results

When added to Canvas as an assignment following these instructions, Kaltura will record a percentage score and Canvas will calculate points if necessary. For instance, if the video quiz contains two questions and the Canvas assignment is worth 10 points, a student who got one wrong (50%) will receive 5 points in Canvas. 

Speedgrader in Canvas will say "No preview available" for Kaltura quizzes. Note that any short answer/open questions will not be counted in scoring with a Canvas assignment. Only multiple choice and true/false questions can be scored. Responses to short answer questions can be viewed in the Kaltura analytics. If you are requiring a short answer/open ended question for a quiz, it is recommended to embed the video into a Canvas quiz. 

To see results, including responses to short answer questions, follow instructions 1-3 above to access My Media via Account in Canvas. Find the appropriate video, then click on Actions on the bottom right of the video and select Analytics

Actions and Analytics

The Dashboard page contains an overview of the analytics. To allow for an unplanned quiz attempt, the Quiz Users tab allows for deleting past responses and viewing one person's full quiz results while the Quiz Questions tab organizes all responses together for each question. Instructors can manually change grades in Canvas via Speedgrader or the Grades page to reflect short answer responses if desired. 

Quiz Users

NOTE: Kaltura shows results from the last 30 days by default. This can be changed in the drop down menu on the top left of the Dashboard analytics screen.