Search Well - A Collection of References and Tools for Search and Recruitment

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Is it time to fill a vacancy? We've got you covered! This article contains information, references, and links that you'll need to do a quality search and recruiting process, whether it's for a faculty, staff, or temporary hire. We've broken it down into five segments: Preliminary Information, Getting the Word Out, Screening and Interviewing, Paying for Candidate Travel and Expenses, and Wrapping It Up. Let us help you search well!

Keep in mind that the hiring process can take some time, so plan accordingly. Your HR representative can help you with timelines as needed.


Preliminary Information / Where to Start

There are two great resources to take you step-by-step through the search and screen process: the Recruitment Guide and the Recruiting and Search Committee Chair Checklist The Guide provides a more detailed look than the Checklist. This article contains highlights and links to supplement those resources for your convenience. Both resources provide the information needed to help you hire the best candidate while maintaining compliance with the applicable policies and regulations.

Unit Director Search?  Be sure to follow the notification process as defined in the FASRP.
Download the Unit Director Checklist

Create (or update the existing) Position Description (PD) for the job. If you need assistance with the PD, your Human Resources (HR) representatives are happy to help.

Complete a Request to Fill form in BP Logix including the Position Announcement (PA). The template for the PA is built into the form for your convenience.

Getting the Word Out

Once the Request to Fill has been approved, Human Resources will list your position announcement at no cost (unless specified) in the following venues as applicable:
  • Talent Acquisition Management (TAM)
  • UW - Eau Claire's job opportunities site
  • UWEC ListServe
  • - Academic Affairs maintains a subscription to this site and will post all positions over 50% at no charge to the department/unit.
  • Job Center of Wisconsin
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education - Academic Affairs annually funds a joint advertisement for academic departments conducting faculty searches in the fall.
  • UWEC LinkedIn
  • Inside Higher Ed
  • Hmong Association
  • El Centro de Conexión de Chippewa Valley
  • American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin

These are only a starting point. Consider broadening your scope by utilizing additional resources. You can also increase your applicant pool by sending invitations to apply to professional contacts, sharing the campus job posting via email, and recruiting at professional meetings and conferences. Contact your HR representative about expanding your advertising and posting efforts to increase the diversity of your applicant pool. Advertising charges are typically paid using a procurement or corporate card or via Direct Pay.

Screening and Interviewing

Access your applicant information in TAM. Directions for using TAM are available here. Search Committee Instructions for TAM.docx

Need a rubric for evaluating your candidates? We have samples here. Keep in mind your required qualifications as you review the applications.

When you begin to sort the candidates, utilize the Candidate Assessment/Recruitment Activity form. The form must be approved before any on-campus interviews are scheduled. Insider tip: if you have a large number of candidates in the "Not Under Serious Consideration" and "Categorically Excluded" sections, those candidates and rationale can be documented in a spreadsheet and attached to the Candidate Assessment/Recruitment Activity form, rather than entered one at a time into the form. 

To notify the "Not Under Serious Consideration" and "Categorically Excluded" candidates, use the Sending a Decline Email via TAM document for the appropriate wording and instructions.

As a committee, review the Appropriate and Inappropriate Interview Questions before conducting any telephone or in-person interviews. We have a list of helpful behavioral-based questions for your use. 

Reference checks can be done at any point in the interview process. Identical questions must be asked regarding all candidates. A sample script/template is available.

When bringing candidates to campus for interviews, remember to arrange parking for them, either through the Visitor's Parking (836-2544) or by sending them a parking pass for their appointed date and time. 

Paying for Candidate Travel and Expenses

Contact the Firstsource Support Team (836-3131) of the ASK Center for recommendations for setting up and paying for candidate travel and expenses. The Visitor's Travel Guide is a helpful tool that can be shared with candidates coming to campus. Please note:

  • Candidate travel and expenses are subject to UW System policy.
  • Retain all itemized receipts associated with the candidate's expenses for reimbursement purposes.

If you host the candidate for meals during their campus visit (with or without members of the search committee), follow the Hosting a Meal guidelines. Questions about how to pay or what is allowed can be referred to the ASK Center at 836-3131.

Wrapping It Up

Once you have selected your final candidate, complete the Justification of Candidate Selection form and submit it via BP Logix. After you've received the approvals needed, a verbal offer can be made to the candidate. If the offer is accepted, complete a Personnel Action Request Form (PARF) for the new hire. An official contract letter will be created and sent via Human Resources. Request a Criminal Background Check (CBC) for your candidate via BP Logix. The CBC must be completed before the employee can begin working. Candidates not selected should be notified once your offer has been accepted.

Congratulations: you've hired the next Blugold! Contact the ASK Center for onboarding and orientation options at 836-3131 or