Services: Client Ticketing System

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Learning and Technology Services has joined UW-System using Alemba Service Manager (ASM) for their client ticketing solution starting Monday July 12, 2021

Contact Information

You still contact the LTS Help Desk all of the same ways you did before: 

  • Email:
  • Phone: 715-836-5711
  • In Person: VLL 1106

The difference is the email notification; it will come from: formerly

Ticket Creation Notification Email

This is an example of the email notification that clients will receive when a ticket is first created.

Note that the sender is even when the initial email was sent to

email notification that clients will receive

After the analyst has responded, the client will then receive an email with the response in the body of that email. The client will respond to the analyst in the area above where it says “---Do not write below this line---“.

Receive email

Closed Ticket Confirmation and Survey

Once the client and analyst have reached a solution, the client will receive an email confirming that the ticket has been closed. If the client feels that the issue has not been resolved, they are able to respond to the closing email explaining that the original incident has not been resolved. Do NOT reply to these 2 types of emails.

Closed ticket summary

After a call has been resolved, the client will receive a final email containing a link to a survey. Clients are highly encouraged to complete the survey so that our Analysts may receive feedback on what they are doing well and how they may improve.

Customer Survey