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Remark is a cloud based software that is in the process of replacing the traditional Scantron sheets on our campuses. Scanton is avalible through the Spring 2024 semester, but will expire for Test Scoring and Course Evaluations at the end of that term. Remark syncs directly with Canvas to make creating and grading tests a seamless process. 

For questions, to request an account, or to sign up for a training session please email

Accessing Remark Test Scoring

This link will take you directly to the Remark login page. You will need to use you full UWEC email address and then Okta to login. 

Help Students Find Their EAU Number

Because Remark is sync with Canvas it requires students to use their EAU Number rather than the Blugold ID that was used on the traditional Scantron sheets. EAU Numbers can be found and printed from the Canvas Gradebook. Students can find the number on their own by visiting the How to find your EAU number artilce.

Printing Tests From Remark

Always remember to print test sheets in ACTUAL SIZE not fit to page or anything else. 

Scanning Tests Into Remark

There are multiple ways to scan tests into the Remark software. We have thoroughly tested them, and while all of them work, we have found that the best way to scan on our campus is to use the Scanner (Classic) function on any campus printer.

  1. After you have logged in press Device functions
    Device Functions
  2. Although you are not charged for scanning, because the system doesn't know if you are going to scan or copy, you need to select an account from the Standard Account Selection screen.
    Select account
  3. Press Scanner (Classic).
  4. In the "Auto Density" section on the left side adjust the density to two steps darker if using white paper and one step lighter if using paper of any other color.
  5. Select yourself as the recipient of the scan email.
  6. Press the "Start" button.

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