Surplus of Technology

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Properly processing UWEC purchased technology assets for surplus provides the opportunity for items to be evaluated for redeploy. It also ensures any inventory records for assets are updated and items that no longer have usable life are disposed of properly or sold to the public to recover some value. A surplus declaration eForm is not required to be completed for submitting a request to LTS for surplus of technology. That is a BONUS for you!

LTS is the starting point for processing surplus of all technology on the Eau Claire, Rice Lake, and Marshfield campus sites. The list below is not comprehensive, but if it seems like technology, send a request to LTS to surplus.

Requesting Surplus Pickup

LTS will come collect any technology ready for surplus for you, but you are also encouraged to deliver small items for surplus to the LTS Help Desk in Larson Hall 1106. To submit a request for pickup:

  1. Start an email to with the subject Technology Surplus Request.
  2. Provide a basic listing of the items you wish to have picked up and list UWEC inventory sticker numbers if there are any. Refer to our UWEC inventory sticker guide knowledgebase article to help identify them.
  3. Provide the location where the items can be picked up and if any special arrangements need to be made to access this location. One location per surplus pickup request preferred.
  4. Make sure items that are for surplus are clearly marked indicating this attached to them
  5. Make sure items that no longer function also have something indicating this attached to them
Technology Categories for Surplus
  • Anything that has a UW-Eau Claire inventory sticker
  • Computers: Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Chromebooks, etc.
  • Cellular Devices: Smart or non-Smart Phones, WiFi Hot Spots
  • Telephones: Desktop Phones, Conference phones
  • Tablets: iPads, Microsoft Surface
  • Monitors
  • Printers, Copiers, and Fax Machines
  • Docking Stations for computers
  • Peripherals: Keyboards, Mice, External CD/DVD Drives, Webcams, etc.
  • Audio / Visual Equipment: Apple TVs, Projectors, DVD Players, Televisions, Speakers, Remote Controls, Cameras, Microphones, etc.
  • Storage Media: Floppy Drives, USB Thumb Drives, External Hard Drives, DVDs, CDs, etc.
    • LTS ensures data is wiped and works with a certified vendor
  • Networking Equipment: Switches, Hubs, Wireless Access Points
  • Cables for any of the above
  • Basically if it seems to fit into the realm of electronics, send it to us
How to Surplus Everything Else

See the Surplus Items section on the Surplus Store's web page. -