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UW-Eau Claire has used a variety of inventory stickers over the years. This knowledgebase page helps explain what each is and used for, particularly for the inventory stickers LTS uses for assets.

Part 1: Standard Inventory Stickers

Pictured below are the most common versions of our standard inventory stickers used in the past couple decades, most commonly on technology items. However, these can be used on anything that was free or under $5,000 that functions as a stand-alone item (see capital inventory section below for more on that). They can also be used on items that were no cost to campus, but someone wishes to track it in a system they use. Depending upon what the item is, LTS may be able to track it in our inventory system. 

The Rice Lake campus has their own inventory stickers with BC on them. 

If a department wishes to use these same stickers so they can inventory items, currently LTS will supply them at no cost unless a substantial number are requested. To request inventory stickers, or ask if LTS will add your items into our inventory system, email

UW-Eau Claire’s white inventory stickers started at 2660000. 

UW-Eau Claire – Barron County’s white inventory stickers started at 1000000. 

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Part 2: Capital Inventory Stickers

There are at least four versions of the capital inventory sticker. Only three are illustrated below as the most recent and common. 

Any item that costs $5,000 or more on its own must be capital inventoried according to state guidelines. Any number of items that must work together to function as a “system,” all those items must be capital inventoried. If an item can function on its own it is not considered part of a “system.” If an item was donated to the university has a value of $5,000 or more it should still be capitalized for insurance purposes. 

ASK Center has overall responsibility for capital inventory for all of UW-Eau Claire and can be contacted at for questions. 

The Rice Lake campus has their own capital inventory stickers with BC on them. 

UW-Eau Claire’s yellow capital inventory stickers started at 4000000. 

UW-Eau Claire – Barron County’s yellow capital inventory stickers started at 5000000. 


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Before the barcoded capital inventory sticker was adopted by campus, inventory items were assigned an asset number that mimicked the normal inventory number they would have been assigned with custom printed stickers, like the first image. 

Part 3: Support Based Inventory Stickers

(NEW for 2020!) 

Due to some exemptions being made available for the Sustainable Printing Project, a new class of inventory sticker was developed to indicate devices that were either supported by campus or not. These would be used in place of white inventory stickers. 

Other future uses could exist for these stickers beyond printers. NS for No Service and PS for Provide Service. 

In the case of printers, if it has a red NS sticker, LTS does not support this unit and no university funds can be used for supplies or repairs. These expenses are the personal responsibility of the person who requested the exemption. Exemptions are not transferable to another person and a new eForm for a printer exemption must be filled out. LTS will ensure the device connects and communicates with the computer only. 

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Part 4: Less Common Stickers

There may be one other official category of inventory sticker you may encounter, and they are related to grant funded items. They vary in what they look like. A common color has been red. We will provide examples of these as we come across them. 

If you find an example of a grant inventory sticker or other inventory stickers around campus, feel free to email a picture of that to and where you found it so we can consider adding it to this Knowledge Base article.