UWEC 1120, Campus Memorials

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Practice Directive #UWEC 1120DivisionFinance and AdministrationDepartmentFacilitiesContactDirector of Facilities | facmgt68@uwec.eduEffective DateJanuary 1, 2024Revision DateJanuary 1, 2025


UW System | RPD 4-19, Naming of University Academic Units; RPD 19-5, Delegation of Authority to Remove Unneeded Structures; RPD 19-14, Naming of University Facilities and Lands


This practice directive gives guidance for the physical commemoration on the UW-Eau Claire campuses of individuals or significant events associated with the university.


UW-Eau Claire recognizes the profound significance of physical memorials on campus, commemorating individuals and pivotal events intrinsic to the university's legacy. These tangible tributes serve as enduring testaments to the exceptional contributions and pivotal moments that have shaped our academic community. By prominently showcasing these memorials, we honor our past, invigorate our present, and inspire generations to come, fostering a deep sense of pride, unity, and reverence for our shared history.

Regents Policy Document 19-14, Naming of University Facilities and Lands states, "It is the preference of the Board of Regents to commemorate contributions to academic excellence through the naming of scholarships, programs, professorships, and other similar actions." However, from time to time, the Board recognizes that there may be a desire to name or dedicate site-related facilities or portions of facilities after a person. This includes benches, tables, plazas, signs, trees, etc. Individuals or significant events that wish to be commemorated with a physical memorial must have a direct affiliation with the university (existing or prior faculty, staff, or student; research discoveries, etc.). Memorials need to reflect the campus "culture" and recognize the overall historical significance of the person or event. Memorials need to "tell the story" of the university.


UWEC 1120.A, Requesting a Campus Memorial