UWEC 239, Children in the Workplace

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Practice Directive #UWEC 239DivisionFinance and AdministrationDepartmentHuman ResourcesContactExecutive Director of Finance & Administration | humanresources@uwec.eduEffective DateMarch 1, 2023Revision Daten/a


State of Wisconsin |  Wis. Stat. § 36.09(3)(a); 2011 Executive Order #54 Relating to Supplemental Mandatory Reporting Requirements of Child Abuse and Neglect

UW System | RPD 23-2, Health, Safety, and Security at UW System Institutions; SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance; SYS 1230, Workplace Safety;  SYS 1292, Workplace Conduct Expectations


This practice directive is established to support a safe environment for children of employees and supports UW-Eau Claire's strategic vision of achieving distinction in health and wellbeing.


UW–Eau Claire is a family-friendly workplace and supports work-life balance by providing appropriate flexibilities for employees who may want or need to bring a child or children to the workplace for brief visits, specific campus events, situational convenience or family emergencies.

Maintaining the safety and health of UW–Eau Claire employees, students, guests and visitors relies upon the control of hazardous conditions and prevention of unsafe behaviors. When visitors are children, diligence to guard against unsafe conditions and unpredictable behaviors must be heightened.


UWEC 239.A, Bringing Children to Work