Orientation: UWECBC Student Technology Support

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On this page you will find information and links regarding technology resources mentioned in the UW-Eau Claire – Barron County Campus summer orientation session and more. This page will be updated periodically to include the most up-to-date information and links.

Where to Find Technology Help

ECBC Help Desk 
The ECBC Help Desk is the front line of support for technology services on the UW-Eau Claire—Barron County campus. The Help Desk provides free troubleshooting for both campus technology and personally owned technology. In addition, the LTS Help Desk also coordinates the referral of student, faculty, and staff questions to appropriate LTS resources.

Services Include:

  • Front Line technology support for the UW-Eau Claire – Barron County Campus classrooms and office
  •  Answer basic student questions regarding services, locked accounts, Duo, etc.
  •  Printing Support
  •  Blugold Card

Website: http://www.uwec.edu/lts 
Phone: (715) 788-6254
Office: Meggars 154 (next to Solution Center)

LTS Help Desk 
The LTS Help Desk is the front line of support for technology services including campus technology, systems, and academic spaces. Also, the LTS Help Desk also coordinates the referral of student, faculty, and staff questions to appropriate LTS resources.

Website: http://www.uwec.edu/lts 
Phone: (715) 836-5711
Email: helpdesk@uwec.edu

A variety of documentation is available through UWEC Knowledge Base to help you navigate technology issues during your time on campus.

Campus Technology & Lab Resources

Computer Labs
The University of Wisconsin-Barron County General Access Computer Lab is located in the library. This room is open during regular library hours for use by University of Wisconsin-Barron County students, faculty and staff. Each station has software supporting word processing, spread sheets, an internet browser and various programs used by individual university classes.

Virtual Lab (VMWare Horizon)
UW-Eau Claire has a virtualized computer lab environment, which is available from any computer with an internet connection. This gives you access to a great deal of software and resources without actually having to be in a lab.

Mobile Printing
In three simple steps the new PaperCut mobile printing solution allows you to print directly from a computer or smartphone, walk up to any of the printers listed below, and release your document on-demand. You will also have options to create copies or create PDF scans of documents that get emailed to you. For more info, please visit the Mobile Printing knowledge base article.

Cloud Storage
Students have cloud storage options available through Microsoft OneDrive. This service offers simple access from via the desktop application on your personal computer, through the OneDrive web portal, and from your mobile devices. It's also closely integrated into the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Online Systems

CampS is our online tool for managing student academic, financial, and personal information. Among its many functions are the course registration system, degree audits, and billing information.
For info on commonly used CampS functions for students, take a look at the following knowledge base article: CampS for Students

The UWECBC Card Account is an optional debit card account that is more convenient and safer than cash. You may also use your UWECBC Account to pay for recreational activities and printing services. For more info on the UWECBC Card or to check balances and make deposits, please visit uwec.ly/bccard.

Canvas is an innovative learning management system used by UW-Eau Claire faculty and instructional staff to enhance face-to-face instruction or teach courses totally online. Canvas allows “anytime, anywhere” access to course-related files, electronic drop boxes for assignments, online quizzes and tests, e-mail, and grades.

Omnilert Emergency Notification System 
If there should ever be an emergency that would affect campus, the campus emergency notification system would alert you from a number of campus systems (email, webpage, University computers). A notification can also be sent to your personal cell phone and non-University email address. For more information on how to configure the Omnilert system on your personal technology, please visit the University Emergency Information webpage at uwec.ly/emergency.

UW-Eau Claire-Baron County Webmail
Webmail is our campus web portal for the email system. Students should begin checking their campus email before classes begin. For more info on adding your University email account to your phone, please refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Set up your email on iOS Devices
Set up your email using the Outlook app on Android Devices

Campus Networks

Students should use the WiFi network named UWECBC. You'll find it available in all University buildings and outdoor spaces. After you’ve connected to the network, you’ll be prompted for your University credentials to complete the registration process.


There is a lot of information about you stored in your account. Remember that the key to your University account is your password. Make certain that it is unique and never share with anybody.  Use the following links for information about changing or resetting your UW-Eau Claire – Barron County password:

Change or Reset password
Forgot password

Multi-Factor Authentication (Okta Verify)

Okta is UW-Eau Claire's new multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution replacing DUO Mobile Security. Okta adds another layer of protection to your account and information by requiring an additional step to log-in. In addition to entering your password, Okta Verify notifies you whenever someone attempts to log into your account, prompting you to either allow the login or deny it.

Setup Okta Verify App

Setup for Phone Call or Text

Adding Additional Devices

Using YubiKeys & Tokens

Logging Into Okta

Phishing is an attempt to acquire important personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers, by pretending to be a legitimate resource. A common way to accomplish this sort of attack is via phishing emails. There has been an influx of phishing email attacks against university users, making knowledge about phishing attacks and password security incredibly important for UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, and students. Remember that the University will never ask for personal information over email. Always examine email messages skeptically, and if you need help discerning if something is legitimate, contact LTS for help. For more information, you can read the Phishing Attacks article.

Using University resources, such as the campus network, to violate copyright laws is a breach of the University code of conduct. For information on our file sharing policy and the ramifications of breaching this policy, please refer to the UW-Eau Claire's File Sharing policy.

Personally Owned Technology

Hardware and Software Discounts

University students, faculty, and staff have access to discounts on hardware and software for their personally owned computers and devices. Education discounts on computer hardware are available from both Dell and Apple. Use the following links to be connected to their UW-Eau Claire education stores.

Dell: http://dell.com/uwec
Apple: http://store.apple.com/us_edu_189120

For more information about hardware and software discounts, visit the Personally Owned Technology article

Office 365
UW-Eau Claire is offering students access to Office 365. In addition to online services, Office 365 provides copies of the most current version of Office for both computers and mobile devices free of charge.

On the Hub
Through the UWEC On the Hub Software Download Center, it is possible for individuals with UW-Eau Claire accounts to install Microsoft products on their personal computers for free (or at a low cost).

Microsoft Imagine
Microsoft Imagine is a service that supports technical education by providing Microsoft software for learning, teaching, and research purposes.
For more information about hardware and software discounts, visit the Personally Owned Technology article.