Services: WinDirStat

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Windirstat is a free/open-source disk usage analyzer available on Windows computers on campus.  Windirstat will scan the contents of your chosen hard drive or folder and tell you the relative size of all files/folders.  The product would be used by a person trying to determine what files are taking up space on their computer.

  1. Launch WinDirStat.

  2. Select the drive you would like to scan.

  3. Click OK. 


  4. If you would prefer to pick an individual folder to scan, click the “A Folder” radio button and browse to the folder you would like to scan.

    the “A Folder”

  5. The software will scan your selected drive. Wait for it to complete. The green progress bar is located at the bottom.

    Scanning Drive

  6. After scan is complete your files & folders will be sorted by file size in descending order.

    Folders sorted by size

  7. Browse to your desired folder/file. 

  8. Right-click the folder/file.

  9. Select one of the following deletion methods:

    1. Delete (to Recycle Bin) - Restorable until the Recycle bin had been emptied

    2. Delete (no way to undelete!) – Permanent 


  10. If your file directory has adjusted the available storage number, right-click on the selected directory and click “Refresh Selected.”

    Refresh Selected

  11. Once Finished, close WinDirStat.