KB: Article Publish Process

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Overall Process

Articles created for our knowledge base are created in an application called Knowledge Base, our knowledge base content management system (CMS). A limited number of users on campus will actually utilize Knowledge Base. Instead, content readers will find articles via search on UWEC public web site (http://www.uwec.edu).

Article created in Knowledge Base -> Article goes through publish workflow process -> Article Viewed by readers via UWEC homepage search

Article Process

There are two ways to add articles into the knowledge base. Articles created will go through a publish workflow process in order to maintain consistent styles and conventions, which can be viewed in the flowchart below.

  1. User Emails Document for Article Conversion
    Users may send documents to the email documentation@uwec.edu, and LTS Documentation will convert them into knowledge base articles.
  2. Author Creates New Article
    Users that have been trained how to use Knowledge Base, our knowledge base CMS, will have the ability to author new articles. Submitted articles will still go through the publics workflow process.
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