Athena CE Programs: Adding a Series

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  1. Select CE Programs from the navigation menu.
    ce programs
  2. Select Series from the sub-navigation menu.
  3. Click Add Series at the top.
    add series
  4. Add a name for this series.
    NOTE: Avoid including the word "series". If applicable, append "Certificate" or "Degree".

    series name
  5. Add a description for this series. This can include supplemental images, lists, and simple formatting.
  6. Select whether this series is also a certificate using the Is a Certificate? field.
  7. Select whether this series is also a degree using the Is a Degree? field.
  8. (Optional) Select or upload a new image.
    NOTE: Be sure to check the "CE Programs" crop tab. For help adding a new image, see Adding an Image, Editing Image Properties, and Cropping an Image.
    upload image
  9. (Optional) Select or upload a video.
    NOTE: For help adding a new video, see Adding a Video and Editing a Video.
  10. Select the programs that are a part of this series.
    NOTE: Only active programs are available to be added to a series.
    select programs
  11. Click Create Series.
    create series